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Welcome to My Alexa Run Life

Alexa on Echo Spot device

See how Alexa and her skills can help you on a daily basis, learn about smart home options, music, and other innovative skills and hardware.

Jump in and ask or help others with their Alexa questions, again welcome and have fun!!

Find out what Alexa can do for you on a daily basis, to-do lists, play your music, order your groceries, give you a morning update on the news and your commute to work. The features and options are endless and there are so many new skills or innovative uses for Echo devices being shared or developed.

Please share and/or recommend this group and site, I’d love to make this a thriving community!!!

We offer hints, tips and also deals on Smart Home devices so that you can also smart enable your home and enjoy YOUR Alexa Run Life!

We cover everything from smart plugs, smart bulbs, accessories to control your home environment as well as ways to integrate Echo devices into your home/decor. Using Echo devices and your app you can set routines and control sequences and groups of devices to create moods, set up rooms for movies, bedtime, morning coffee and more. Alexa and her smart home device coupled with your imagination can simplify your life, secure your home and make things easier to manage in today’s busy lifestyle.




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