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Quotra Hue compatible LED light strip

Quotra LED Light Strip

A new product release from Quotra, their Hue compatible LED light strip!

Just in time for Christmas decorations or for use around the home the LED strip is a perfect addition to your Philips Hue lighting system.? At 80 inches you can utilize for under bed lighting, backlight for your flat screen or maybe even under cabinet lighting.? The light strip is extendable too and you can purchase 40 inch extensions and go up to 30 feet of LEDs!

With the ability to control via the Hue hub/app you can adjust the lighting and color to suit your scene or mood.? Use Alexa, Google Assistant to voice control your light strip or add to a scene or routine for the ultimate experience.

The Quotra?LED light strip costs in at $59.95 and is available here.? This around $20 cheaper than the Philips Hue Light strip is high quality and a bargain considering the price difference!? The extension strips only cost $15.99 so this is a budget friendly?answer to your smart lighting needs!

The product, while new, has 5 star ratings.? I recommend you check these out if you are looking for Christmas decorations or high quality accent lighting.



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