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Review : MOCREO RGB LED Smart Light Bulb

MOCREO Color LED Smart Light bulb

Next on my list for smart home testing and integration is the MOCREO RGB Smart Light Bulb

This bulb came in at a bargain price of $19.99 (look out for the $3 coupon when ordering online via Amazon!) which is cheap compared to the alternative color smart bulbs like Philips Hue that ring in at around $49.

The Moreco?RGB LED Smart Light bulb does not require a hub to be controlled.? You can use the application that is supplied with the bulb called Magic Home – this can be installed in seconds simply by scanning the QR code that is supplied in the small, brief user guide.? The bulb will work with Amazon’s Alexa and with Google Assistant controllers.? For the testing here I have added the bulb to my existing setup on Alexa, I’ll update later with experiences when integrating with Google Assistant/Home.

I’ve documented the installation process below to give you an idea as to how easy these smart bulbs are to get configured and online.? As with the Moreco?Mini Smart?plug this device came online and was working within a few minutes with no issues at all.


Installation process:

The instruction guide had a QR code that took me right to the website where I could download iPhone or Android apps

I downloaded the iPhone app and then registered a new user account.? You will be prompted to allow the app to send you notifications – select your preference.

To set up the new light simply follow the prompts.? You will have to go into your Settings, Wifi and find the bulb which will be broadcasting on its own WIFI network.? Connect to the LEDnetxxx network and then go back into the application to continue your setup.


Once the app sees that you are connected to it you will be prompted to select your home network from the list provided – note the bulb will only see your 2.4Ghz networks!

Select your network and then enter the correct password information.? You will then be prompted to connect back to your home network to finish the installation process.? The bulb should turn green once the setup is complete, you can then name the bulb and start changing colors, tones, etc.


Next step is to connect your new Smart Bulb to Alexa!? Load up the Alexa app and then choose Skills from the menu.? Search for the Magic Home skill and choose Enable.

Enter the same account information that you used initially to setup the bulb within the smartphone app.

Once successfully installed and linked Alexa will be set to Discover Devices and your new smart bulb will be online and able to be controlled via Alexa


Order your Mocreo RGB Color Smart Bulb

RGB LED Smart Bulb,WiFi Light Bulb,Multicolor,Dimmable,No Hub Required, 40W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home Assistant,2700K-6500K,450lm,CE/FCC/UL Listed (1-pack-4.5W)

[WiFi Enabled] No Hub Required,Never confused about how to set up central hubs. Just enter your Wi-Fi password in Magic Home Pro app to connects to your home network.
[Multicolor and schedule feature] Setting your own color and brightness, meet your needs in different environments.
[Group Control with Voice & APP] Simultaneously control your light group on App or Amazon Echo/Google Home;

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $15.98

Buy Now
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Review: MOCREO Add Product to List Mini Smart Plug

MOCREO Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home Assistant

I got the opportunity to check out the MOCREO?Mini Smart Plug? this week so thought I’d share my experiences with the ‘No hub required’ smart plug.

I’ve been using Insteon switches so far, mainly to run my coffee machine every morning and for seasonal use of lighting up the Christmas tree.? The Insteon switches have worked well except they were dimmer versions vs regular on/off modules (as supplied in the starter kit I bought when I got started with this smart home addiction).? They required being told to go 100%/off vs on/off as commands with Alexa and also required control via the Insteon Home hub which at times did not respond to Alexa’s commands.

The MOCREO model was an attractive option as it stated no hub required plus it worked with Alexa and Google Assistant and I have both running at the moment.

Here’s what arrived in the mail.


The device is a compact lengthwise orientation shape which lends itself great towards two devices sitting in wall sockets.? The smart plug is well constructed and has a small LED on the bottom lefthand side that acts as the setup light as well as the on/off indicator.? A manual override switch can be found on the left side to switch on the plug if needed.? Something to note, if you toggle the power on any connected device the smart plug will not power up like some other ones like Insteon – you have to click the side button to toggle power on/off.? ?This is not a grumble but an observation/difference.




The smart plug comes with a little instruction manual – the text is very small in the fold-out book.? The saving grace for this is the QR code that you can scan with your phone that takes you straight to the download for the application that will take you through the pretty painless process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did experience a few issues getting the plug?detected but after a couple of retries the unit appeared and configured as expected.




One important thing to remember if your network has multiple wireless frequencies – make sure you set up your smart home devices on the 2.4Ghz frequency.? This is also highlighted in the documentation





Once you have the smart plug configured within the Smart Life app you can get started with Smart Home setup via your Alexa App!? Simply load up your Alexa app on your phone and then go to the?Skills option in the menu and search for the Smart Life skill.? Install the skill and then enter your credentials to finish the setup process.? Once you successfully sign into your account you’ll be prompted to have Alexa scan for new devices and sure enough, your new smart plug will be online – see the Coffee smart plug shown below in the list of devices.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Your set up is now complete – all in all a pretty painless process!!

Alexa is now in control of my morning caffeine?addiction with a simple ‘Alexa, coffee on!

MOCREO Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home Assistant

The MOCREO?Mini Smart Plug is available on Amazon for $19.99?- look out for a $3 coupon available on this device!

If you would like more information on the app or general configuration give us a shout in the comments section!




Side note: I have the smart plug connected to a?Mr. Coffee 12 cup machine?with a simple on/off switch vs. using a smarter coffee machine with timer functions, etc.

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Welcome to My Alexa Run Life

Alexa on Echo Spot device

See how Alexa and her skills can help you on a daily basis, learn about smart home options, music, and other innovative skills and hardware.

Jump in and ask or help others with their Alexa questions, again welcome and have fun!!

Find out what Alexa can do for you on a daily basis, to-do lists, play your music, order your groceries, give you a morning update on the news and your commute to work. The features and options are endless and there are so many new skills or innovative uses for Echo devices being shared or developed.

Please share and/or recommend this group and site, I’d love to make this a thriving community!!!

We offer hints, tips and also deals on Smart Home devices so that you can also smart enable your home and enjoy YOUR Alexa Run Life!

We cover everything from smart plugs, smart bulbs, accessories to control your home environment as well as ways to integrate Echo devices into your home/decor. Using Echo devices and your app you can set routines and control sequences and groups of devices to create moods, set up rooms for movies, bedtime, morning coffee and more. Alexa and her smart home device coupled with your imagination can simplify your life, secure your home and make things easier to manage in today’s busy lifestyle.




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How does Alexa enhance your day?

So how does Alexa enhance your day?

Alarm goes off 5:05am
Alexa, Stop!
Alexa, Coffee on
Alexa Bedroom lights 50%
Alexa, Bathroom on

Shower time!
Come downstairs, Alexa…kitchen lights on!
Alexa, what’s in the news?
Alexa, what’s the weather?
Alexa, what’s on my schedule?
Time to leave the house!
Alexa…house off!

Time to come home!
Alexa, kitchen lights on!
Alexa, set downstairs to 72 degrees
Alexa, Family room on
Alexa, TV on

Time for bed!
Alexa, house off!
Alexa, open sleep sounds