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3rd Gen Echo Dot for $0.99, save $30 on Audible Annual Subscription

Audible subscription deal Echo Dot

Audible subscription Echo DotSign up for an annual Audible subscription RIGHT now and get a 3rd Gen Echo Dot for under a buck!

The Audible subscription usually costs $149.99/year but you can sign up now for a $30 discount as well as get a new Echo Dot for $0.99.

Sign up here and get 12 audiobooks up front to get you started!

12 books come with signing up with the option to swap out books you don’t like for free!

Happy Summer reading/listening!!!

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Discounts on Amazon Fire Cube and Fire Stick 4K

Fire TV Cube

Save $40 ($79.99 down from $119) on the Fire Cube and Fire Stick 4K also discounted by $10 to $39.99

Fire Cube and Fire Stick 4kWith the Fire Cube, you can control your TV and AV devices directly from the device and replace your remote controls and use Alexa.  No more lost remotes and simple configuration via the Alexa app and you can create routines to dim your lights, turn on your devices, select inputs/channels or programs – an awesome addition to your Smart Home and Home theater experience!

Grab a Fire Cube right here

Fire Stick 4K with Alexa Voice RemoteWith the Fire Stick 4K, you can simply plug the device into a free HDMI port on your TV and be up and running in minutes.  You can stream from Prime Video, install apps to view Netflix, Hulu, regular TV stations (using your cable subscription).  The Fire Stick 4K comes with the enhanced Alexa Voice Remote which includes an On/Off button and volume controls that work with your TV.

Grab a Fire Stick 4K right here



Also available is the newly updated Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, this does not offer 4K viewing and has a lower speed processor than the 4K version BUT it does have the new remote with power and volume controls for your TV!  This version of the Fire Stick supports HD and runs $10 cheaper than the 4K version.

With the current pricing though I would recommend the Fire Stick 4K for futureproofing better resolution and streaming options and the faster processor!

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Echo Dot Wall Mount for 3rd Generation

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Wall Mount

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Wall MountI’ve been looking for a good Echo Dot Wall Mount for my new 3rd Gen devices. I’ve bought some for my 2nd Gen devices and been disappointed with how the power adapter is located/installed leaving me with a less than secure device hanging from the socket.

These Echo Dot Wall Mounts via Amazon pretty much solve all of my previous issues. The holders came nicely packaged and were individually wrapped in the 2 pack box that I received. The holders have cable management on the rear so that you can wrap up the cord on the power adapter around the back to hide all of the wires. The box has step by step instructions on how to thread the power cable through the cable management – nice touch.  It does require some work to bundle up the wires completely.

It is a shame that the 3rd Gen Dot does not use the same Micro USB power block where you can substitute the cord for a shorter one but that is a fault of the 3rd Gen Dot and not this mounting solution.

Once you have figured out how to wind up the cables in the rear you simply slot the power supply into the top and you are good to go. The power supply slides in snuggly which is important as it keeps the whole holder and device securely in the wall. Other mounts I have used for Gen 2 models have wobbled and not been a good fit.

The mount looks great hanging from the socket, all wires hid – a great design and value product for the Gen 3.  The Echo device is very secure both in the mount and the wall socket.  I can mount this up or down with confidence.

I’ll be buying more as I upgrade my Gen 2 devices.

Outlet Wall Mount Holder Compatible with 3rd Generation

【Compatibility】Designed for Dot 3nd Gen ONLY,(Device is not included)not compatible with Dot 2nd Generation
【Perfect Cord Arrangement】Built-in cable storage, allows you to wrap the messy cables at the backside, which frees up counter space and provides a much cleaner look
【Easy & safe installation】You can install the speaker on the wall in seconds. No drilling in your walls or screwing required!, Great for kitchens, study, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $11.99

Buy Now

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Echo Buttons – not just for games!

Echo Buttons

Echo ButtonsEcho Buttons, you have probably seen them around Amazon and immediately think of playing games on your Alexa devices.

Echo buttons can also be programmed to run Routines that you set up within your Alexa app.

For example, I have set my Echo buttons up for morning and night routines.  For morning I have a button that switches on my coffee maker and also adjusts the temperature on the downstairs thermostat to bring up the temperature for when I head downstairs,  My night routine shuts down the house, it turns off all of the lights in the house, ensures the front door is locked and then lowers the thermostat temps for the night as we’re all snug in bed.

Setting up your Echo Buttons

Getting started with Echo Buttons is easy and awesome, once you take them out of the box simply tell your Alexa device to setup your Echo Buttons – ‘Alexa set up Echo Buttons‘  You can then remove the plastic tab from the bottom battery cover and then press your buttons in turn to be added to your Echo device.  Simple!

Setting up Routines with your Echo Buttons

You can set up Routines via the Alexa app.  Tap on the menu on the top left and select Routines.  You can then hit the + on the top right of the screen to create a new routine.  Once you do this you have to define two things – When this happens and then Add Actions.

When you define your When this happens you have the option of choosing your Echo Buttons, you will be prompted to press the button you want to assign the actions to.  Once you press the button you’ll be able to then Add Actions.

Adding actions gives you a ton of interesting options.  You can control and adjust your smart home devices, set/change do not disturb, volume settings, stop Audio, send notifications or announcements, play music, news or traffic announcements.  This is ideal for setting up say morning or evening custom routines that can greet you, tell you the weather and traffic for your morning commute and kick in devices like your coffee maker so you’ll be all set to walk out of the door!

Games for Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons and gamesCheck out Echo Buttons both for games like Beat the Intro from Musicplode, Dungeon Escape, Trivial Pursuit Tap, and Sounds Fun with Mike Epps from Ground Control.  You can also ask Alexa ‘Alexa, what games I play with Echo Buttons‘ 

You can then enable the relevant skills to start playing the games!





Echo Buttons (2 buttons per pack) – A fun companion for your Echo

Introducing Echo Buttons, a new way to play games through your compatible Echo device
Each button illuminates and can be pressed to trigger a variety of play experiences powered by Alexa
Bring back game night with a catalog of compatible Alexa Skills such as Trivial Pursuit Tap by Hasbro, Hanagram, Button Monte, and Sounds Fun with Mike Epps. Just ask "Alexa, what games can I play with my Echo Buttons?"

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $19.99

Buy Now
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Black Friday Amazon Alexa & Smart Home deals

Black Friday Amazon Alexa Smart Home deals

Black Friday Amazon Alexa & Smart Home deals

Halloween is officially done, candy gathered and eaten.

Now we watch for?Black Friday Amazon Alexa & Smart Home deals!

Amazon is already advertising and promoting their deals here online, bookmark this link and share (it’s your smart home Christmas Wishlist right?!)

This link goes to the Black Friday deals channel, check it out!

Here’s hoping for some awesome device, accessories and smart home deals – if you find any please post and share!

What are you looking for on Black Friday?

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Savings on TP Link Smart Home Gear!!

TP Link white bulb

Hurry now for a today only sale on some of TP Link’s most popular items, save up to 60%!

Get these TP Link?bargains while they last, remember they work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana – no hub required!

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ROAV Viva by Anker – Alexa in your car

ROAV Viva In-car Alexa

ROAV Viva In-car AlexaROAV Viva by Anker, the well-known portable phone battery, charger?and replacement charging cable company now offers?a 2 port USB?Quickcharge?device with integrated Alexa functionality.

Now you have access to pretty much all Alexa services handsfree in your car.

Alexa Inside: Amazon’s voice service gives you complete voice control in your car. Just say the word to get directions, hear the latest news, shop online, play music, and more over Bluetooth, Carplay, Android Auto, or an Aux in connection.

What You Get: Roav VIVA, Manual, Quick Guide, Happy Card, Skills Cards, 12-month warranty and our friendly customer service.

Voice Isolation: 2 integrated microphones provide noise cancellation and accurate voice identification.

High-Speed Charging: Dual charging ports equipped with Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ technology deliver blazing charging speeds to both driver and passenger.

Tap To Mute: Just hit the button to effortlessly mute and unmute the microphones, so Alexa is only listening when you want her to be.


The ROAV Viva utilizes your phones audio connectivity for sound.? The sound will play dependent on your default connected device be it your in-car Bluetooth, Bluetooth headset or AUX connection.

Note: Please check your car’s outlet before purchasing not all car outlets are accessible, you may have to purchase an extender to?place your ROAV Viva outside of your center console.

If your VIVA cannot be plugged in or has connection issues with your car, return it for a full refund in 30 days. Please check the list of unsuitable car models below. If you have other issues, contact us via Live Chat in the app. May have compatibility issues playing media via Bluetooth with Dodge Caravan. Try connecting via Aux in/CarPlay/Android Auto.


?You can call up music on demand utilizing Amazon Music, iHeartradio and shortly Spotify (this is currently in beta!)? You can call up your Flash briefing, control your home devices to for example turn on or off the lights, adjust your A/C or heating as you leave or return home.? Most Alexa skills are supported, the exception being Drop In.? You can use Alexa to hands-free dial and make voice calls for you as you drive and the microphone pickup is exceptional.

As with all Anker devices the ROAV Viva offers the latest and fastest charging standards so your connected iPhone or Android device will be up to 100% battery in no time.

The device has a large mute button on top so you can silence Alexa if and when you want privacy.

The device has distinctive blue LED lighting?around the top which changes color or rotates depending on what operation is in hand.? The device powers up when you start your car and will automatically invoke the partner app on your phone.? From that point you can start to use Alexa handsfree with the device using your phone’s Bluetooth and data connectivity to process and act on your commands.

The ROAV Viva costs around $49.99 and is available on Amazon, frequently with a deal

If your car has a recessed or hidden car charging port consider getting an extender so you can locate your ROAV Viva outside of the center console storage:

Te-Rich 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter DC Outlet Splitter 6.8A 4 Port USB Car Charger for Cell Phones, Dash Cam, GPS and More

SMART USB CHARGER - Internal Smart IC technology intelligently detects your devices to deliver its fastest possible charging speed(Max 5V,2.4A)
DC OUTLET EXTENDER- 3 extra DC outlets on the adapter provide a total output power up to 120W, allowing you to use multiple 12V/24V car appliances at once
SWITCH & LED DISPLAY - Easy on/off switch for energy-saving; LED display shows car voltage output, when voltage under 12V, warning with flashing numbers on the display

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $15.99

Buy Now
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Amazon special deal on MOKCAO Portable Speaker Dock for Echo Dot

MOKCAO portable speaker dock is the ultimate in portability for your Echo Dot!

Get Alexa on the move and jam!? Listen to your music, quiz Alexa anywhere in your house, in the garden or on the patio with this battery-powered speaker dock for your Amazon Echo Dot.? The dock comes with 20W speakers for plenty of volume and a 5000mAh battery to keep you untethered for hours.

Right now Amazon has an additional 5% coupon that you can redeem on check out.

For more information click below for specifications and reviews of the MOKCAO portable speaker dock.

MOKCAO frequently has awesome deals on Amazon for example their portable speaker is currently $12.99

Check out the shop for more speaker and dock options for your Echo Dot.