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Amazon improves Alexa services and privacy

Amazon together with the device announcements also detailed coming improvements to the Alexa services and privacy concerns customers have had.

The Alexa Privacy Hub can help you control your recorded information and you can now auto-delete your recordings on a rolling 3 or 18-month basis.

Concerns about when your Echo devices springs to life can be explored and explained with the new functions:

Alexa, tell me what you heard

Alexa, why did you do that?

Alexa Guard can now detect more sounds and alert you via text message.  Alexa Guard is bing built into Routines and you can add to your ‘I’m Leaving’ routines.  You can also stop indoor camera recording (see the new indoor camera for Ring announced) when you return home for improved privacy.

Alexa is going multi-lingual!  If you speak different languages at home, Alexa will be able to understand and respond accordingly.  Starting in the US with Spanish and English, Canada with French and English, and India with Hindi and English.

Custom voice packs are coming (think featured voices on Waze!) but will be purchased options at $0.99 per voice.  Samuel L. Jackson was featured.

My favorite – Frustration Detection for Alexa. It’s supposed to know if you’re specifically annoyed with Alexa!!  This should send a bucketload of data to help improve Alexa!!

New recipe service -Alexa will be Food Network’s exclusive voice service and recipes should be easier to access and follow on your Echo Show devices.

Drop-in on ALL – starts a group video/audio chat with all your compatible devices – annoy everyone at once.

Freetime for Echo Show devices – bringing the popular content from Fire Tablets for kids to your Echo Show devices.

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